2111, 2022

What does general revelation have to do with Jesus Christ?

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In previous posts, we have sufficiently explained how general revelation relates to key elements of the Christian faith. But the cornerstone of that faith is Jesus Christ. We have learned that God revealed his existence, attributes, and will to all mankind by the works of creation and providence. Jesus Christ, by contrast, was made [...]

211, 2022

Since reason is fallen, how can we trust General Revelation?

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To continue our series on common questions about general revelation, we now turn to one of the most common objections, especially from reformed protestants. Since reason is fallen, they question, how can we trust general revelation? The human heart is an idol factory (from Calvin), and so too is the human mind. Autonomous human [...]

2810, 2022

Abraham the Thinker

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At our autumn 2022 conference, we learned about the school of Abraham. Among other things, Abraham exemplifies critical thinking and action. He exposed the foundational assumptions of the Chaldean religion and then, by contrast, came to know true basic beliefs and then changed his life to live accordingly. We often have a very simple [...]

1010, 2022

Materialism was too easy and that is bad for natural theology education.

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If you survey the “proofs for God’s existence” in the contemporary philosophy of religion, you will see that they are derivatives of arguments like Aquinas’s Five Ways. There is an unmoved mover. There is a moral governor. There is an uncaused cause. Or, perhaps you will find those using arguments from the Transcendentalists and [...]

1010, 2022

Does General Revelation imply religious neutrality?

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General Revelation is “general” because it is the revelation of God made available for all men at all times, in every age. In other words, it is common, even between believers and unbelievers. This truth may lead some to assume that general revelation must also be religiously neutral, but this assumption is mistaken. Common [...]

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