807, 2022

Reformed Philosopher

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Have you ever heard of the Reformed rejection of philosophy? The idea is that philosophy or  natural theology is not necessary because it is not salvific, or because it is less clear than scripture so we may as well just go to scripture, or because it leads to apostasy as in evolution and Marxism. [...]

1804, 2022

Socratic Dialogue

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At our Spring 2021 GRI conference, Greg Malloy presented an argument he has developed to show that neither matter nor the soul have existed without beginning. This is because they are changing, and whatever is changing cannot be eternal. Below is a dialogue he wrote to help explain his argument.   -- Good morning [...]

103, 2022

Saturday Intensive 03/12/2022

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What can you expect out of a Saturday Intensive? What is so intense about it? A Saturday intensive means we will spend four hours on a Saturday morning going over the arguments to show that God exists. We will cover lots of material and there will be much for you to learn that [...]

2202, 2022


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“How do you know that?”  This is one of the most common questions you will hear.  And that makes sense because most of the time when we speak we claim to know something.  But what does it mean to know?  This problem is one of authority: By what authority do you say that? [...]

402, 2022

God of the Philosophers

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What is God? When we are looking into proofs for or against the existence of God, we first need to know what it is that we are trying to prove. Sometimes a famous person will say “I have come to believe in God,” and other people who believe in God are very excited. But [...]

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