601, 2022

At least they believed in God, right?

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I remember hearing a famous Christian philosopher give an argument to show that the material world had a beginning and then finish by saying “and that is how we prove God exists.”  But his debating partner was not a philosophical materialist.  He was a Platonist.  And Platonists believe in God.  Right?  Or at least they got close enough with [...]

3012, 2021

What about me?

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Our posts have been about what to expect from the conference, how to be prepared, and the kinds of topics we will be discussing.  These center around knowing God.  We know God from the works of God.  That starts by knowing that only God has existed from eternity.  All other things were brought into [...]

2112, 2021

The eternal power of God

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The first question in the study of metaphysics is: what is eternal?  What has existed from eternity?  What has no beginning?  We can even categorize the various world systems in terms of what they say is eternal.  This helps make sense of how each system understands reality, value, and authority. There are those that say nothing is eternal. [...]

912, 2021

What has existed from eternity?

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What has existed from eternity?  You will find that this is a central question for the philosophers who are studying metaphysics.  Aristotle said that since something cannot come from nothing, there must be something that has existed from eternity (without beginning).  Any attempt around this by appealing to the unknown, or uncaused events, or [...]

2911, 2021

What is General Revelation?

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In our previous blog post, we described what you can expect from attending this conference. The skills you will begin to develop in thinking about general revelation and knowing God. In this post, we will begin that process by thinking about general revelation. What is general revelation? General revelation is the study of what [...]


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