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Table of Contents

  • What is General Revelation? (Dr. Owen Anderson) … Page 1
  • Common Objections to General Revelation (Dr. Owen Anderson) … Page 19
  • General Revelation and the English Reformation (Dr. Steve Rutt) … Page 36
  • The Works of Providence: History and General Revelation (Zack Withers) … Page 57
  • How Stories Affect Us (Kyle Navarette) … Page 66
  • Free Will and Doxological Christianity (Dr. Owen Anderson) … Page 81
  • The contemporary Free Will Solution: Is there Anything New Under the Sun? (Dr. Matt Nolen / Dr. Owen Anderson) … Page 103
  • The Knowledge of God Contrasted w/ the Beatific Vision as Found in Plato, Aristotle, and Plotinus (Dr. Owen Anderson) … Page 132
  • Contra Ratione: What the Pardoner’s Irrationality Suggests About the Nature of Evil (Natalie Young) … Page 176