General Revelation

by faith we understand

We believe that our chief end is to glorify God. God is glorified by knowing Him in all that by which He makes Himself known; in all of His works of creation and providence. We see this taught in general revelation, in scripture, and in the Westminster Shorter Catechism questions 1, 46, and 101.

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Upcoming Events

The Foundation of Christian Education Conference

October 17 @ 9:00 am - October 18 @ 5:00 pm

The Journal

The journal of general revelation is a peer reviewed journal that publishes articles advancing the study of what is clear about the eternal power and divine nature of God revealed in the works of creation and providence. (Coming in ’22)

The Press

General revelation press publishes books advancing in knowledge of God in all of the works of creation and providence. General revelation press publishes the Journal of General Revelation.

Editorial Partners

  • Owen Anderson, Arizona State University

  • Brandon Crowe, Great Hearts School District

  • Josh Danaher, Grand Canyon University

  • Greg Goodrich, Gateway Community College

  • Greg Malloy, Grand Canyon University

  • Kyle Navarette, Great Hearts School District

  • Matt Nolen, Grand Canyon University

  • Zack Withers, Great Hearts School District

The Twelve Arguments

Dr. Owen Anderson

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Owen Anderson - Elementary Guide to the Philosophers: Reality, Knowledge, Value

Elementary Guide to the Philosophers

Dr. Owen Anderson

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The Beginning of Philosophy

Dr. Owen Anderson

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Job: A Philosophical Commentary

Dr. Owen Anderson

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