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The General Revelation Institute is committed to the clarity of God’s existence.  And not only that it is clear that God exists, but also that unbelief is without excuse.  We believe that our greatest joy is to know and love God.  But our world launches attacks on the knowledge of God from every angle.  Our culture is going through great upheavals.  Think about the challenges from radical gender ideologies that want to be taught to our children in the classroom and libraries.  Or Marxist social teachings encouraging class and race hatred. Think of how social media distorts and distracts us from reality.  And the pursuit of a consumer lifestyle that makes pleasure its idol.  This culture seems to become more godless each day. How can we help our families and churches navigate these challenges to the knowledge of God?  

We are a group of missionary-scholars committed to the belief that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of God once we disciple the nations. In order to fill this need and address the challenges in our culture, we provide classes, both online and in person, to teach how we can show that it is clear God exists, about the sin of unbelief, and of redemption through Christ Jesus.  These prepare Christians to reply to the challenges of our day.  We also give presentations at churches to inform and build up Christians in their understanding of these challenges.  And we hold an annual conference and publish a journal as a resource for deeper dives into these subjects. 

We need your help.  You can help us by inviting us to give a presentation at your church.  And you can help us by enrolling in one of our online classes.  We do have operating expenses.  If you would like to give money to support our work we will provide a link.  We ask you to prayerfully consider supporting us.  We view ourselves as missionaries to a culture in a life-or-death struggle with sin and your giving makes our efforts possible.

It is our duty but also our great honor to fight in the spiritual war of our day.  We fight not with weapons of this world, but with the Logos, the Word of God.