What can you expect out of a Saturday Intensive?
What is so intense about it? A Saturday intensive means we will spend four hours on a Saturday morning going over the arguments to show that God exists. We will cover lots of material and there will be much for you to learn that day and reflect on afterwards.

The main feedback we received from our annual conference was: I agree that it is clear God exists so that unbelief is without excuse but I want to learn more about arguments to show this. This Saturday Intensive is one of the ways we will meet this need. Some of the other ways are the online classes we offer at courses.generalrevelation.com and the videos Dr. Anderson puts up on his YouTube page.

What can you expect to get out of this Saturday Intensive?
You will be presented with material that shows why we need arguments to know God, what it means to argue that it is clear God exists, and arguments to show the eternal power and divine nature of God. From there we will consider how this is important to the Christian faith and walking with integrity before God. 

We hope you can join us on March 12 from 8am to noon at Arizona Christian University.
We will meet in Room 1 next to the AT&T Conference room (Admin Bldg).
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