Our posts have been about what to expect from the conference, how to be prepared, and the kinds of topics we will be discussing.  These center around knowing God.  We know God from the works of God.  That starts by knowing that only God has existed from eternity.  All other things were brought into existence by God.  This is the eternal power of God.

“But what about me?” someone might ask.  Could it be that I have existed from eternity and forgotten?  Perhaps my soul was once a part of God and was separated off, stuck into a body which made me forget, and must journey back to God for that final oneness.  This is a common narrative structure in many religions.  Even those who otherwise affirm that only God is eternal might adopt that last part and say that in the blessed afterlife believers become God or are somehow absorbed into God.

I remember a discussion with a professor that did not believe we exist.  “You are just a bundle of thoughts and feelings that changes over time and your identity is an illusion.”  “How do you know that?” I asked.  “Because that is all I see when I look within.”  The room seemed quiet as people realized his mistake.  Do you see it?

So how can we know that we are real and that we have been created?  Many take this as intuitively obvious or as common sense but to achieve understanding we need an argument to show it.  This is what we will study together at the conference.  What you can do is contact us with any questions you have beforehand.  This conference is open to everyone and will be available live on Zoom.  Make sure you have signed up for our newsletter and updates here on the web page.